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I help individuals, couples, and families decode relationship dynamics, transform their suffering into connection, and build resilient bonds

"Much of our wounding is relational. So is much of our healing."

-Mastin Kipp


Hello! I’m Kim. 


I’m a Registered Clinical Counsellor and psychotherapist, but you might also call me a student of human behaviour, an advocate for big emotions, and a listening (like, truly listening) ear. I see healing as a continual process of deepening self-knowledge and advancing our skills of self-inquiry, self-expression, and emotional regulation…not a place we finally arrive.


I believe we could all use less perfectionism and more self-acceptance, less criticism and more compassion, less fixing and more space to be fully ourselves.


In my practice, I support people seeking to become more acquainted with the many aspects of the Self and integrate their pain to find meaning and purpose in the struggle.

I am inspired by the vision of thriving relationships and families, and I'm in the trenches of the human experience right alongside you. As a mother, daughter, and wife, I am committed to continual growth, and a 

better understanding of myself and the people I love. I view conflict from a Family Systems perspective, with deep respect for the complexity of each individual’s personal history and life situation. 


My work with parents and families includes mother-daughter duos, and women looking to heal the Mother Wound, and uncover the Internal Mother. This includes behaviours motivated by shame, attenuation (making ourselves small), emotional caretaking, and a disordered relationship with food and body. 


My approach is generally ideal for those who are interested in navigating the depths. I use developmental psychology, attachment theory, interpersonal neurobiology, and intergenerational trauma research to help people uncover core wounds, understand behaviours, and craft an intentional and empowering story of their life.


Our work together is about bringing consciousness to the many hidden elements of the psyche, for better relationships: within families, between partners, and to the Self.  



How We can work together

This is for an in-office session only (find phone and video options under e-counselling)
Individual Session
50 min