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I help individuals, couples, and families decode relationship dynamics, transform their suffering into connection, and build resilient bonds

"Much of our wounding is relational. So is much of our healing."

-Mastin Kipp


Hello! I’m Kim. 


I’m a Registered Clinical Counsellor and psychotherapist, but you might also call me a student of human behaviour, an advocate for big emotions, a listening (like, truly listening) ear, and a space holder for hope and healing. I see healing as a continual process of deepening self-knowledge and advancing our skills of self-inquiry, self-expression, and emotional regulation…not a place we finally arrive.


I believe we could all use less perfectionism and more self-acceptance, less criticism and more compassion, less fixing and more space to be fully ourselves.


In my practice, I support people seeking to become more acquainted with the many aspects of the Self and integrate their pain to form a coherent narrative, enabling them to find meaning and purpose in the struggle.



I am inspired by the vision of thriving relationships and families. I view conflict from a Family Systems perspective, with deep respect for the complexity of each individual’s personal history and life situation. I was raised as the eldest daughter of four, and I am married with a tiny daughter of my own. As both a daughter and a mother, I am committed to healing the Mother Wound and its many manifestations including perfectionism, shame, attenuation (making ourselves small), emotional caretaking, self-sabotage, and disordered eating behaviours. 


My work is essentially about bringing consciousness to the many hidden elements of our being, for the purposes of better relationships: within families, between partners, and to the Self. 

How We can work together

This is for an in-office session only (find phone and video options under e-counselling)
Individual Session
50 min