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The following options are available for technology-based services, provided by Kim Fraser-Harrison:

1. Type-Based:

Email or Text 

Text or email your therapist using a desktop computer, laptop or mobile device


Service Description

There are two offers for text based counselling:

1) synchronous (instant text reply, structured as a 50-minute session)

2) asynchronous (ongoing email/text communication for one week, where the counsellor guarantees a maximum 48-hour response time

3) You may also combine these two offers, and receive a session over text, followed by ongoing email support.

There is no restriction on the amount or length of messages you send throughout the week, so feel free to type anywhere from a few lines to multiple paragraphs, whatever you find most helpful in getting your thoughts down!


  • This can happen from any location! You get to create the space, so whatever helps you feel comfortable can be a part of this. I have clients who set up cocoon spaces (think tea, blankets, candles, journal in bed) and also those who write the email from a public washroom at the airport, or in the backseat of a car on their way to family dinner.  

  • The exchange creates an automatic transcript of all sessions, which you may find helpful to revisit.

  • Writing about your experiences can be therapeutic in itself, and many discover different insights when writing their thoughts vs speaking.

  • We often feel less inhibited online, and sensitive topics may be easier to discuss without the physical presence of another person. 

  • Ongoing text support is available any time, regardless of time-zone. If you have a thought in the middle of the night, feel free to send it my way.

  • Ongoing support provides both you and I the opportunity to reflect on thoughts, emotions, words and reactions.


  • Both email and text sessions are designed to protect your privacy and preserve confidentiality, but there is the possibility that content may be intercepted, as internet services are not guaranteed to be secure.

  • There is the potential for miscommunication as non-verbal cues (such as tone, facial expression, body language etc.) are missing from the interaction. Asking for clarity is encouraged! 

2. Phone

Talk to your therapist using any cellular device or land line

Service Description

This option includes one 50-minute session conducted over the phone. 

Your counsellor will call you at the time of your scheduled appointment. 


  • Location-independent 

  • No special equipment (such as a webcam, tablet, or high-speed internet)


  • Psychotherapy by telephone has fewer potential technical difficulties than
    video conferencing (e.g. low picture quality or frozen frames) however, the risk of a poor cellular signal or a dropped call still exists.

  • Long-distance charges may apply, depending on the client’s location.

  • Possibility of being overheard while speaking on the phone (clients will likely want to ensure 
    access to a private room or location when in session). 

3. Video CounsellinG:

Zoom Meeting

All you need is a computer or mobile device with a webcam.

Service Description

This option includes one 50-minute session conducted via the video-conferencing software Zoom. Once a session time has been booked, the counsellor will send you a link to a secure meeting room. At the time of your scheduled appointment, simply click the link, and you will be directed to the online meeting room. 


  • Similar to other forms of e-counselling, video counselling has grown in popularity as it is not geographically bound. Instead of visiting a therapist's office, the video simulates an in-person session from your own home, or wherever you are (travelling, business, remote location, different city etc.). 

  • Zoom is HIPPA compliant and designed to preserve your privacy.



  • There is always the possibility that content may be intercepted, as internet services are not guaranteed to be secure. 

  • Conversation may be overheard by others in their vicinity, and clients may want to wear headphones and/or ensure access to a private room or location when in session.

  • Requires high-speed internet connection.

For more information or to book a technology-based counselling session, click the Services tab, then "e-counselling."

If you are considering this type of therapy, feel free to reach out over email with questions. I have also creates a couple documents that may help you prepare and know what to expect: 

1) Considerations for Technology-Based Counselling

2) How to Create Sacred Space for Location-Independant Services 

For studies about the efficacy of online therapy, click the Resources tab.